Friday, April 26, 2013


Crossing the line to pinpoint the moment when an artist momentum shifts.

Where is here? Who am I… 
is a different sort of a question;
The “here” is already well-defined.

A second line – known as the signal to survive this business of creative art, is by taking the emotion out of the game and instilling discipline; new Lifecycle to go beyond your imagination.
Nature demonstrates that change often leads to renewal and transformation.

Re-balance; Re-allocate; Revise or Re-anything…

The insights on creative epiphanies, finding your superpower are your God's Given-Gift; the little voices within is the stronger device pondering the breakthrough, honoring the vision…; that is exactly what I, Nana-Dictta Graves would call brilliant; aligning your thoughts with your goals is the key to staying motivated.

The use of Gourd as a support

See how this Calabash “Gourd” transforms…

 Where the change is changed:-
Where to go; What to do; How to do it…

You can be shifted through things that are hard; the magic process is that the journey itself creates new emerging result; and the opportunity to come to a place where you approach your inspiration wisdom effortlessly; thinking ahead what you are going to do and make good choices. 

Life comes at us sometimes with breakneck speed… if not one thing it’s another.

What we need is to be able to step back and evaluate life as we know it. Being genuine is the most important aspect of understanding people. As with me, the professional fine micro-mosaic artist, or the motivational keynote speaker, being humble is to explore the dynamics of how faith can strengthen and enhance the bond of what I am crafting, makes a difference and encourages others to be better.

Work in process with the Calabash
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size:  46” Circular Radius, X 21” H without base
Original Eco-Friendly Micro-Mosaic Fine Art “Design”
© Copyright Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist All rights reserved. 

When it is call...

A thought appears; remind yourself the days you did well; admit it if you hit a snag then begin again; encourage yourself as you would a friend. Everyone has a story; my story-line perspective seeks to raise environmental awareness and mentoring leadership through the Fine Arts; each creation has its own life and energy that reflects the passion and internal being.

Substituting thinking of taking action:-

Creating an even better tomorrow by turning over a new leaf “practicing compassion” were brilliant is changing something for the positive to bring light to people. The innovation and invention in the world today is to discover strength; how you can fulfill dreams with a heart full of grace that extend and enhance the lives of creative work for a world of good.

Nana-Dictta’s Notes on a masterpiece... Until!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


To create a convergence of everything I do; a hand-made Micro-Mosaic Fine Art that encompasses the entire range of the world’s everyday Green;-

Brainstorming new ways that take recycle use productively into works of Fine Art that servers as source of inspiration.

Title: Look-Up
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size:  48” H X 24” W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mural (Sold)
Prints Available (upon request)
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
© Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.
(The Fine Art is hand-crafted with tiny cut papers, old wrapping tissues, dry rosé flowers, dryer-lint on acrylic glass)

A Personal note, with or without a gift, affirms the bonds you share and expresses friendship. It reflects good manners and graciousness!

Concentrate your energy toward fulfillment in the world; self understanding and strengthen your intellectual property.

If you choose something, choose it with all your might, with all your heart; don’t be faint-hearted.

Title: A Sound in Mid-Afternoon
Medium:  Paper/Fabric Micro-Mosaic
Size:  32” H X 25” W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mural (Sold)
Prints Available (upon request)
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
©Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.
(The Fine Art is hand-crafted with tiny cut papers, swags of fabric, glass beads sequence, syntactic hair braids)

As a professional Micro-Mosaic Fine artist, a personal vision of a masterpiece is the unique story that is raised on narratives- each creation has its own life and energy that reflects the passion and internal being. 

Everything exists first in your mind until you have produced it in reality. Keep focused, stay centered, keep going, keep moving towards it. BE DETERMINED.

View of handy-work cut papers ready for a good Micro-environmental plan!

Sometimes we can lose confidence and eventually give up trying, in other words “we learned helplessness” because of prior repeated failures.

Regardless of what skills you seek, the end result is that you feel good getting the help you need to thrive, to succeed, and that is normal. 

It is the artistic experience of being in the world around us, and how we are perceived.

The future holds many exciting opportunities and together we will unleash the potential that this world has.  Put on your thinking caps turning that creative knowledge to action.

In conclusion, preserving what is fine and adding much that is good “courteous”

Simply Green
- Dictta

Monday, April 9, 2012


It is a morale booster to display to our creative work and to make sure everyone gets to look and see the invisible like you’ve never seen them before in everyday use of materials to Life; adding values and principles to improve environmental awareness... 

©Professional Artist Archive Nana-Dictta’s solo exhibition Central Valley CA; All rights reserved.
                 "Sustainability is a beautiful thing"

©Professional Artist Archive Nana-Dictta’s presentation keynote speaker, San Francisco CA; All rights reserved

To Nana-Dictta, that wall is a testimonial of the high-esteem in which our work is held to every tiny piece that is put together by hand, strengthening ties with faith.

A fine masterpiece on the wall represents a job well done. The wall naturally boasts the know-how and the independence to bring creativity together with a visionary leadership.

Title: Birthday Wraps
Medium: Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size: 44"H x 32"W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art "Mural"
Prints Available (upon request)
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
©Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.
(The Fine Art mural is hand crafted with tiny cut papers, old wrapping tissues, sawdust, glass beads syntactic hair braids on acrylic glass)

It brags of acclaim bestowed by outside world and it celebrates all accomplishments great or small.

“We as artists are responsible for preparing the garden path, devoting our creative vision for the future”; Meanwhile Nana-Dictta continues to share her knowledge and learn each day as it counts.

©Professional Artist Archive Nana-Dictta’s solo exhibition, Central Valley CA; All rights reserved.
A good Micro-environment is the next step in a good preservation plan. “Substance of Paper Micro-Mosaic Fine Art”; methods to make a difference as an Architect of change!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vision upon our dreams:-

The experience between our ideal aspirations and our actual practices
helps us move toward greater fulfillment.

You are part of the excitement, you are the energy, and you are the soul of the creative work, “our talents” a tactual outlet for personal expression.

Nana-Dictta embraces the spirit to recycle and create fun ways of turning everyday materials into a master work; with an open heart.

Can One day change how you look at Fine ART?
You Bet!
The Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mosaic never loses its mystery here-

Below is simply the technique of a hole puncher with plain sheets of paper;
and there we are with the…

                Title:   The Idea

                                               Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
                                             Size: 35”H X 29” W
                                                   Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mural
                                                  Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist

Getting inside the creative mind is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination; able to translate ideas into realities to empower others.

                                   Our inspiration wisdom!

© Nana-Dictta, Professional Fine Artist All rights reserved

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It is the world of Micro-Mosaic; Simply inspiring and fun!

The common ideals, the common traditions, the common understanding of mentorship make a code of ethics unusually desirable and applicable.

As a professional Artist, I bring forth the Paper Micro-Mosaic Fine Art with every day materials to life, combining activities surrounding humankind and seek to raise environmental awareness.  What I call my six "R".

             Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,
                                                        Rethink, Rekindle, Re-invent.

Title: The Result of Man’s Insubordination
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size:  32” H X 48” W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mural
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
© Copyright 1981
Through a series of guided hands-on and visually engaging my experiences with creating Paper Micro-Mosaic; it is becoming evermore exacting, requiring strict compliance with proven good practice, careful attention to detail, continuous alertness of my code of ethics nesting on basic principles.  I must keep abreast of new techniques and new procedures just as in other professions.

Title: Mother’s Advice
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Original (sold) Prints available
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
© Copyright 2010
Talk of the green; what is new; what it takes, no matter where you go; do it    now; recycle to make a difference as an Architect of change.

Ataa Deniel
Medium: Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size: 60.5"H x 18"W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art "Mural"
Nana-Dictta Graves
Copyright 2008

 Come - 2011

Success is inspired by the strengths of many, you can not pull anything fast, until
      you pull a confidence; Appreciate, Respect, Trust; in other words.”ART"

                                                     COME ALIVE with
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                      A contemporary approach to the traditional Micro-Mosaic World.
              Connect; Collaborate, Come together; experience and connected workshop.

                                                   Simply inspiring and fun!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Images of everyday materials to life "The Green"

What came to my mind recently is the use of the critical eye that creates something new or incorporates old ideas into a new vision.

Connecting with positive thinkers and networking with other organized groups; has helped me strategized my goals in business. I have over come most of my barriers with a positive attitude, and now I work smart with continuous improvement and the success to make a difference.

My simple message is to give people the tools they need, treat them with respect and they will do incredible deeds just as revising the olden times of the great artist.

Currently working on the cabinet series for year 2010 Exhibition.

Work in process (recycling papers cut in tiny pieces) simply green.

Creative vision is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination, at the same time focusing on the story-line and the title.

Grand Pa's story time

This is a guiding principle for excellent discipleship “cross-training’’. (work is still in process)

Sharing Stories

Capturing the message behind the art is to teach values and principles to improve awareness and the appreciation of natural world; “the beautiful things we see around us” stories taught me to express myself and communicate better, have a positive attitude, a pattern of life in perseverance.

Title: Mothers’ Guide (Scene One) Burping Time

Babies first home is the mother with calm moments.

In some part of the world,
Mothers’ carry their babies to the side for burping
Mothers’ carry their babies to the back for calmness
Mothers’ carry their babies in front; to see them
burp and to show love with joy.

All three series of hugs are cordial and lives inside
the baby’s laughter.

The Infant’s comfort zone; the baby at warmth.

Medium: Paper Mosaic
Size: 50” H X 11” W
© Copyright 2006

Mother's Love

Title: Mothers’ Guide (Scene Two) Bonding Time

A Mother nourishes a baby’s growth with feeding times;
In some part of the world breast-feeding is the key.

Mothers’ that are breast-feeding; can position
the baby on their lap in front of them bounding.

Mothers’ can also breast-feed the baby by
positioning from the side with comfort;
some mothers’ besides it all, can bottle-feed as well.

A mother’s given strength; is more than a memory
living presence and everlasting. It is the greatest
beauty with the joy of confidence to a child.

Medium: Paper Mosaic
Size: 50” H X 11”
© Copyright 2006

Fathers' Heart

Title: A Fathers’ Care

A fathers partake time;
with their children along the path way,

There are different icons in the river,
as they observe the gentle flow of the water.

While enjoying the fine breeze and the
greenish grass of nature.

Medium: Paper Mosaic
Size: 24” H X 17” W
© Copyright 2005

Up coming Lectures and Retreats 2010

  • In February at the American Institute of Natural Healings, Antioch CA

  • In spring Tiburon/Belvedere CA

  • The practical approach to the learning about paper mosaic experimentation, creativity, and thinking “outside of the box”.
  • You are encouraged through a variety of exercises that introduce new artistic materials and techniques.
  • Developing yourself confidence, problem solving abilities, and observational skills grow and flourish.

When it comes to Business and the professional Artist

Nana-Dictta’s timeless wisdom incorporates time of creative work, friendship, growth of the mind and nurturing our visionary leadership; not just train for a vacation.

There is no more invaluable tool to learn about another culture than through the Arts if we develop a communication to provide opportunity for such dialogue.

Family Values

Schools, universities, non profit organization advocacy, community out-reach, corporate, work force, team building management.

Here we are to build trust, reduce fear, breakdown barriers and make easy positive communication.

"participation requires the mind (and even the body) to be engaged"
Ground-breaking new ideas

We need our creative vision now as it has never needed it before.

Title: A Sound in Mid Afternoon Medium: Mix media (CFM) Size: 32”H X 25” W
© Copyright 2005

Nana-Dictta’s natural gift of inspirational speaking is a treat to experience; a purpose that restores confidence in ethical world; to empower and to inspire others to go forward to meet daily challenges with courage, strength, talents, and Inspirational wisdom.

If you are interested in having Nana-Dictta speak to your group or class; please send an e-mail or simply call (925)-813-8282

Nana-Dictta is the proprietor of Naiktta Fine Art

Images of everyday materials to life “the Green”